Ordering on WhatsApp Supercharged!

Leverage WhatsApp as platform to accept orders. Create a digital menu for your Restaurant or Bar. Share with your clients and let them order via Mobile

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Create your menu

Create your menu directly on our platform. Update anytime. Easy And Simple.

Ordering via chat

You will receive the order on your WhatsApp. Continue the chat and finalize order.

Payment methods

Accept Cash on Deliver or get paid directly via payment link. 20+ payment methods available.

Jumpstart to ordering

Just create your menu, and next thing you know, is receiving orders on your phone via WhatsApp.

Views & orders analytics

Get detailed report about your orders and earning. Track your business as it grows with us..

Know your customers

You are creating a direct bound with your customers. Loyal customer, will know where to find you next time.

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For Customers ordering

The customer can find the link to the menu of the restaurant on Social platforms, word of mouth via friend or if they scan the QR. After they make their order with the online menu, they are able to send the order directly to Restaurant's WhatsApp.

For Restaurant/shop owners

The process starts when they hear a new message sound on their WhatsApp. They, or a trained bot can ask questions for details for order and delivery address. The restaurant/shop can also inform how much time will take to deliver the order.

For Owners

تسعير ترتيب WhatsApp

ضمان استرداد الأموال لمدة 14 يومًا. خالية من المخاطر ، يمكنك الإلغاء في أي وقت


For growing business that needs more

SAR 999 /عام
  • Full access to Menu Creation tool

  • Unlimited views

  • Unlimited orders

  • Email support

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Trial Plan

Use it for free and upgrade as you grow

SAR 0 /month
  • Full access to Menu Creation tool

  • Testing Purpose only

  • few items in the menu

  • Recommend for Pro

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امسح رمز الاستجابة السريعة لفتح القائمة على هاتفك. لا تحتاج إلى تطبيق. قم بإجراء طلب وإرساله على WhatsApp التجريبي الخاص بنا. لا ، لن نسلمها لك :)

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Abdullah Al Ansari
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We knew that we need tool like this one. And we finally found it. Managing orders faster than ever.

Emma Müller
Amador, Germany

No more 30% fee on food delivery platforms. This is super cheap platforms thant saved us ton of money.

John Smith
Brooklyn Taco, USA

We where previously chatting with customers on whatsapp so they can order. This is next level.

Maxim Ivanov
Babushka, Russia

Being able to pay directly in WhatsApp, is so great. And the best of all, money goes directly to us.

Alexandra Papadopulos
Odyssey, Greece

They have the best digital menu creator. Together with the QR code generator it is best on market

Maria Santos
Brasa, Brazil

Orders from customers on Facebook, Instagram and web on Whatsapp. Can I ask for more!